Healing School Audio

Expect great things from God (Tim Grant)

If you have found this teaching helpful there are eight more sessions in this series of teaching which are listed below.

We are running an online healing School starting in June 2021 more information is available by clicking here.

The complete school is available as MP3’s on a USB memory card

You Are Anointed With Power!

The Healing School in audio form on an MP3 memory card

The school is also available in book form which can be purchased by clicking here

Аlternatively contact us to discuss Tim and Kim coming to your church or town to teach the school by clicking here

Understanding Authority (Tim Grant)
Living by faith (Tim Grant)
In the name of Jesus (Kim Grant)
Hindrances to healing (Tim Grant)
Means of healing in the New Testament (Kim Grant)
Being full of the Holy Spirit (Tim Grant)
Practical guidelines for ministering to the sick (Kim Grant)
Dealing with disappointments (Kim Grant)

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