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Living Without A Safety Net

By Tim Grant


This book is packed with remarkable accounts of healings, miracles and salvation, it tells how Tim encountered Jesus in his early life and how he began to walk by faith and bring Christ’s love to countless lives. In each of Tim’s stories there is a pearl of wisdom to be found – a lesson he learned about the walk of faith, often with far-reaching effects. As you read these testimonies you will find yourself hungry to see God move in the same way in your own family, neighbourhood and church; you will be challenged to simply step out, trust and obey. To read more about the book click here

You Are Anointed With Power!

By Tim and Kim Grant


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Packed wih remarkable accounts of healings and miracles this is not a book of theories but of lessons learned over many years of ministry through which Tim and Kim have equipped numerous believers. It seeks to lay a firm Biblical foundation for the healing ministry from which the reader can develop this gift in their life. It doesn’t shy away from the tough questions but gives real insight into how one might move in the anointing and power of the Holy Spirit. As you read you will be stirred to see the Spirit move in and through your life to bring wholeness to a needy and sick world. To read more about the book click here

Dave Connolly interviews Tim about his & Kim’s new book ‘You are Anointed With Power’
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